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Get Your Hair Line Looking Great

Is your hair in need of a line up? Sometimes the haircut is not right unless you have that perfect line. The line is like the ribbon on the gift when you get a haircut at the barber shop. Your line up outlines your forehead, instead of tapering your natural hair line down. It leaves your cut looking clean and sharp.

What is a line up?

You may have heard about a line up in the general sense, but in case you're unsure, here is some clarification. The line up is a style where the outline of the forehead is shaved. Instead of the naturally-tapering, fine hair framing the forehead at the frontal hairline and temple area, sharp lines are shaved, often coming to sharp angles at the temples. The sideburns are then extended below the bottom of the ear in a pencil-thin, tapered shape.

When you need to add a special touch to your hair cut, we can help!

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We want to take care of our seniors.  On Wednesdays, seniors can come in and get a haircut for only $10.00