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Rock Your Flat Top and Make a Statement

Do you think the flat top cut is gone? Well think again - this haircut is still highly requested. We produce new and improved flat tops that bring a little of the retro style back, while adding a little current flare. If you are looking for a place to get your flat top looking great, visit Premier Cuts.

Reminiscing on the flat top hair cut

Remember the flat top?  If not let us refresh your memory on why it was and still is one of the hottest haircuts of all time! A flat top is a type of crew cut where the hair on the top of the head is graduated in length from the front hairline back through the crown to form a flat deck of level, upward or downward sloping. This style was very popular for the hip-hop industry in the 80's and still is highly requested.

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Sport your flat top for all your friends and family to see. Show them how you add your own flare and personality to this retro haircut.





We want to take care of our seniors.  On Wednesdays, seniors can come in and get a haircut for only $10.00