Premier Cuts a boy getting his hari cut

Premier Cuts loves kids!

A Comfortable Experience for Your Child

If you are looking for a place that you can bring your child in for a haircut, then Premier Cuts is the place for you. We are very patient with children and make sure that they are comfortable with us. We know it can be a scary experience for some kids so we make them feel as at home as possible.

Tips of encouragement for kid's haircuts

• Prepare your child ahead of time

• Explain to your child what the haircut involves

• Bring a snack

• Allow them to bring something from home

• Reward them for sitting through the haircut





Just becasue you are getting haircut doesn't mean your wallet needs to be trimmed as well. Mention you found us through our website and get 50% off your first haircut.

We treat your children the same way we would want someone to treat ours!

Book your child an appointment today!

Your child will be happy to show off their new hair cut to all their friends. They will look forward to coming in to our friendly environment each time.